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September 8, 2015
by tuxtor
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Hasta luego, y gracias por el pescado

El Abismo de Tux inició un dia 26 de Julio de 2007, y recuerdo que su primer casa fue uno de esos hosting gratis que abundan en internet con un dominio .cc. Personalmente el escribir este blog me ha traído bastantes satisfacciones, aprendizaje, oportunidades laborales y de vida. Viendo algunos posts históricos puedo decir que … [Read more…] Continue reading

July 21, 2010
by Víctor Orozco
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$ whereis tuxtor

Not at home anymore. Actually I’m working on three projects. One as a main job and two complementary projects (I need a new laptop BTW). Many years ago a buddy wrote in my blog a sentence like this “You will die writing small programs with Free Software”.  Years later I’m here working with, Java, PostgreSQL, […]

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April 8, 2010
by Víctor Orozco
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Changes . . .

Well I’m in this new “house” and jmaslibre ask me if I want this blog on the sl-centroamerica planet instead of my traditional blog. So If i’ll be here the next months I want also this info in the planet. I need more activity and back to the days when I wrote post periodically (two […]

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